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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Customer Service Should be an Amazing Experience

Have you ever had awesome customer service that just rises beyond all expectations? Sometime in 2010, I was a pissed off HP computer customer. I discovered that for the second time, the motherboard failed on my 3 year old laptop. I did not care that the motherboard had been replaced already in the first year I owned it. I wanted them to fix it for free or give me a new one. Although I live in Thailand and bought the laptop in Bangkok, I figured it best to contact HP's CEO in USA.

After my short, crisp email to the CEO detailing my experience with an HP laptop, I was amazed to find an HP Thailand customer service director contacting me. It was simple. All I had to do was bring the laptop down to HP headquarters in Bangkok and they'd take care of me. And they did. I was amazed and my faith in big mega corporations was restored. When I picked up my computer a few weeks later, it worked beautifully and did not overheat.

The point of this little blog entry here is that an irate off customer with a faulty product can be resuscitated and transformed into a very reasonable customer when treated fairly and honestly. The idea of customer service is that the reps have to make the customers forget there is a problem and just be happy some magicians are taking care of it.

Even though, I now use a Mac, I still tell people about my wonderfully positive experience with HP customer service in Bangkok. If I didn't have a good experience, just the mention of HP computers would send me into spiraling bitterness, but the customer service experience saved the day in the end.

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